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Fast PRN to Excel Converter can convert .PRN (Space Delimited Formatted Text) files to MS Excel XLS files or .CSV (Comma Delimited) files or .TXT (Tab Delimited Text) Files, and can watch source file folder and convert new uploading Prn to excel documents automatically. you can convert a lot of files once time, saving your time!

It is a standalone tool, and doesn't require MS Excel to be installed.

Key Features

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Manual Conversion Interface

Add Folders Dialog Interface

Folder Watcher Interface

Add Watch Dialog Interface

System Requirements


How to convert PRN to Excel files in Windows?

How to import .PRN to Excel?

What's .PRN file format?
.PRN is File created by the spreadsheet software (Lotus 1-2-3 or MS Excel); and it contains an export of the currently-active sheet and is saved in a plain text format; and it is Space Delimited Formatted Text, and can be used for importing spreadsheet data into other programs, such as Microsoft Excel or Lotus 1-2-3.

How does "Manual Convert" work?
Please click "Manual Convert" tab sheet, you can simply press the "add files" button, then select the files to batch conversion list with ctrl or shift key, or click the "add folders" button to select the file folder. finally press the "convert" button, in a short time you will have finished conversion!

How does "Folder Watcher" work?
Please click "Folder Watcher" tab sheet, then click "Add Watch" button, and show a "Add Watch" dialog, and input "Source File Path", "destination File Path" and "File Filter", press "OK" button, you will add a file watch to folder watcher list. finally press "Start Watch" button, while the word documents are copied to the source path, then this folder watcher can automatically convert them into viewable html format of destination file path.

How to use command line interface?
prntoxls <file path> [/f:<destination file format code>] [/dfn:<destination file name>] [/d:destination path] [/s] [/e:<exclude words in file name or file path>] [/ef:<exclude file list file>

<file path> the path and files want to be converted, for example, d:\*.prn; this parameter must exist.
[/f:<destination file format code>]

destination file format code, this parameter can be skipped.
the format code list is following:
-4143      Excel .xls file, this is the default value
-4158      Tab Delimted Text File
6     CSV (Comma delimited) File

convert xlsx to csv

[/dfn:<destination file name>]

the destination file name.

for example /dfn:d:\test\dest.pdf, means converting to d:\test\dest.pdf file.

[/d:destination path] the destination file path
[/s] include the files in subfolders
[/e:<exclude words in file name or file path>] Exclude words in file name or file path, (use quotes when paths contain spaces)
Hint: use ; as multi words's delmited char, for example this;test
supports wildcards (just * and ?), for example *_?_*.prn matchs test_2_sdsd.prn

for example /e:"\inc\;test-;test*s", means you want to exclude file name or file path include \inc\ and test- and test*s

[/ef:<exclude file list file>] Exclude file list, the list is saved in text file

for example /ef:"exclude.lst", means you want to exclude file, the exclude file list is saved  in exclude.lst, an exclude file per line, exclude file name supports wildcards (just * and ?), for example *_?_*.prn matchs test_2_sdsd.prn  

exclude.lst example is below:

example 1:
convert source1.prn file in "d:\source files" path to dest1.xls file in "d:\dest files" path
          prntoxls "d:\source files\source1.prn" "/dfn:d:\dest files\dest1.xls" /f:-4143

example 2:
convert all prn files in disk d to excel files, the destination path is d:\destination
          prntoxls d:\*.prn /d:d:\destination /s /f:-4143

example 3:
convert all .prn files in "d:\destination path\test\"  to Tab delimited Text files, exclude result.prn, eom.prn and test3.prn
          prntoxls "d:\destination path\test\*.prn" /s /e:result.prn;eom.prn;test3.prn /f:6

How to convert PRN document to Excel in PHP?

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