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Folder Watcher Windows Service Fast Find and Replace

Folder Watcher Windows Service continuously watches one or more folders for new files, file changes, modifications and deletions in real-time. When a change occurs, you can execute an application. It will run as a Windows service, so that you need not to login into windows. And it need not .net or java JRE be insatlled.


There is many find/search and replace text tools in internet, but most of them can not handle utf-8 or unicode encoding text right. Now, Fast find replace can search/find and replace utf-8 and unicode encoding text files, you can download the trial version to try at once.

Text Encoding Converter Fast PRN to Excel Converter

Text Encoding Converter can convert the encoding of multiple ansi/ utf-8/ unicode plain text files to and from any encoding in batch mode


Fast PRN to Excel Converter can convert .PRN (Space Delimited Formatted Text) files to MS Excel XLS files or .CSV (Comma Delimited) files or .TXT (Tab Delimited Text) Files, it can process thousands of files within several minutes, saving your time and money!


Fix Wordpress RSS Feed Error Plugin WP-PostViews Plus widget

Fix rss feed plugin is a wordpress plugin, and it can fix wordpress rss feed error "Error on line 2: The processing instruction target matching "[xX][mM][lL]" is not allowed." while you burn wordpress rss feed from, also fix error "XML or text declaration not at start of entity" in firefox, and fix error "XML declaration not at beginning of document" in opera.


Adds a WP-PostViews Plus widget to display most viewed posts and/or pages By User Or Bot on your sidebar.